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Meet Kayla Topp! She is an actress who is on her way to BIG SUCCESS! She has been featured in music videos such as marshmello, Wingtip and morgxn, XYLØ, and more! 

Kayla, tell us more about yourself!

I am an actor in Los Angeles, CA but born and raised in Seattle, WA.  I started dance and theatre at the age of 5 and continued on to study at Chapman University before moving here.  I love being outdoors in nature, being active, music, and traveling!

You have accomplish so much at such a young age. Tell our audience what you have accomplished?

I am still trying to work hard on my career every day and have a long ways to go but so far I have done some indie films, commercial and web series work, as well as music videos for marshmello, Wingtip and morgxn, XYLØ, etc. I also attended and graduated from Chapman which was a big life accomplishment for me personally!

What inspired you to become an actress?

I was a pretty quiet young kid but for some reason at 5 years old I fell in love with acting in plays and performing on stage - my parents were shocked!  I remember watching old movies with my family and musical theatre in Seattle and knowing instantly I had to do that. Onstage I didn’t feel so self-conscious and trapped, I felt free to create and express myself and explore.  Ever since then I can’t stop.

What does being an actress means to you?

I love the freedom of expression and the ability to explore characters and put myself in others’ shoes and learn about different people, time periods, ideas, cultures, relationships, etc.  I also truly believe that our world NEEDS art right now. Acting and art teaches empathy and our world NEEDS that empathy more than ever. To be able to share peoples’ stories that need to be told and to promote a more feeling, caring world and more fully represent all identities on screen and on stage is so important.

How does it feel to play a role in Marshmello music video, “Take it Back”?

It was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had on a set! The entire team on that project was insanely talented, enthusiastic, creative, and all around great people and I felt so lucky to be there!

Explain your journey that got you to this current point in your life.

When I think back on my path here thus far, that thing that sticks out to me the most is that fact that yes, I had to have an innate desire and drive from within to push me however I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for my family and friends and mentors who supported my passion and kept me going.  I think surrounding yourself with a strong group of equally driven, passionate, caring, and honest people is key not just for success but to also enjoy that journey and stay happy and grounded along the way.

What are some advice that you can give to women who are following your path?

I would say especially to women - being in this industry can be hard and it can be discouraging.  I chat with my female actor friends ALL the time about things we struggle with that are specific to our gender identification trying to audition and act and model.  I would say set out into this path expecting to meet some sexism, expecting some double standards just so you have the strength to withstand when that happens, but also set out into this path with determination and knowledge that you can start to change it.  There are so many more roles out there for women that are strong, intelligent, complex, and focus on their personality over physical traits, and the industry has so many more producers and directors and writers that identify as women now and I just hope it keeps on going that direction because we have just as much of a voice and deserve to use it, regardless of what field.

We all have flaws in our talent that we all must work on. From your acting career, what is a flaw that you have struggled with and how did you overcome it?

I think I struggle with, and have my entire life, with perfectionism and I am still learning how to cope with that in my acting career knowing that there is no one right answer in this career.  And even in the art itself there isn’t one “perfect” or “better” way - it is better to be honest and vulnerable and just create from there.

Why do you believe that Women’s Empowerment is important?

I think that historically because women have not been allowed in certain fields or positions of authority it is harder for young girls to see women leading in a male dominated world and aspire to that one day.  It is hard to be what you can’t see; so I believe that we need to empower women now and everywhere to use their voice and their full potential and be allowed equal opportunity. Can you imagine if every little girl could look up to women who are teachers and stay at home moms, but could also look up to women who are producers, CEO’s, presidents if they wanted? The point is that there shouldn’t be a limit or a cap or a pre-set path on women and we all should work to lift one another up and support each other in that rise up.

What are some future goals that you have for yourself?

I want to continue pursuing this path and ultimately act in film, TV, and maybe even go back to theatre eventually but I want to work on stories that matter.  I want to play roles that are complex and three-dimensional and tell a story that will make people stop, feel, and think.

The purpose of the Fabuluxe platform is to help women feel fabulous and sophisticated. What advice or words of encouragement that you can give to our readers about feeling fabulous as a woman?

One of my mentors told me this and it really has stuck - you have something unique inside of you, a voice and a perspective and an emotional life that is different from every other person out there so do not be afraid to be that person and let that voice out and share it.  I think all woman should embrace their full self with all of their perfections and imperfections and everything that makes them uniquely them and never hide or suppress any of that!

Social Media: Instagram: @kaylamicheltopp

Country: United States


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