Meet Carla! She explains how she has built her platform on YouTube and what has it led her to in her career. If she can do it, you can too! 
Carla, tell us more about yourself!
Hi, I'm Carla Stevenné I live in Ohio and I currently am a full time YouTube beauty guru and social media influencer. I recently also signed with two international talent agencies for acting and modeling, so I can't wait for the future. It is looking oh so bright and I am so excited!
What inspired you to become to start a Youtube channel?
I saw someone had commented on a video I was watching. She said "Hey everyone I just started my beauty channel. Check me out and subscribe!" On that day November 22nd 2012 I created my channel and uploaded my first video. I had already been interested in creating a channel, but that was the push I needed to make it official. 
What does being a youtuber means to you? 
It really means the world to me. This is my true passion and YouTube helped me discover my purpose and I couldn't be happier to be apart of the YouTube family. I love that I am able to help people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. I try to be the friend my viewers always wanted and treat them like how I would a close friend or family. I am so grateful to have all the support that I do!
How are you able to inspire women through Youtube?
I inspire women to be strong and vibrant. I also inspire women to keep going and grinding if they have a dream. I like to be a form of motivation and inspiration for someone else who has the same dreams.
Explain your journey that got you to this current point in your life.
Well when I was little I used to go to a school and wear a uniform. A lot of people probably don't know this, but I even had to wear that uniform outside of school a lot of times until I moved to Ohio. It was always just my mom, brother and I. She took care of it all and we really did not have much. All the makeup, clothes and everything I have even my camera equipment and everything is all thanks to my 180,000+ subscribers. I cry about this when I talk about it, because people don't even understand how long and how hard I have been working for this. I am just so happy God is leading me in this direction. I can't wait for the future! 
What are some beauty tips that you feel that every woman should know?
Every women should know that primer and setting spray are an absolute must before and after doing your makeup. It literally will change the whole makeup look and make it look so much more flawless.
What is a beauty flaw that you have struggled with and how did you overcome it?
A beauty flaw I have struggled with was my gap I would say. I overcame that by
simply getting braces haha. 
What are some tips that you can give to women who wants to become a youtuber?
I would say to anyone who has interest in starting a YouTube channel to just do it for the right reasons. Do it as hobby to start, because it has to be something you love or it will feel like a chore. YouTube is a lot of work and the only way to succeed on it is with hard work, dedication, focus and consistency. You also have to be strong and be able to withstand the hate that comes along with it. Once you overcome that it is just a dream. I love being a YouTuber!
Why do you believe that Women’s Empowerment is important?
Women empowerment is so important to me. Especially with the world we live in today. I want all women to be great and feel unstoppable!

What are some future goals that you have for yourself?
I have so many goals, but my top 3 dream brands that I would LOVE to work with are Fenty Beauty, Cover Girl and Nike or Adidas. Fenty Beauty is on my list, because I have always been inspired by Rihanna. She is such a boss and supports the girl power movement. I listed Cover Girl, because I would love to be one someday. That would be really cool and they have worked with so many amazing personalities. Finally, I would love to collaborate on a line with Nike or Adidas. I really like the style of clothing that they sell. The quality is also amazing.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
I see myself with hopefully a million subscribers. On talk shows and all over ads on TV and magazines. I just want to be able to inspire people to reach for their dreams, set high goals, and work towards them no matter how hard they may seem to achieve.
The purpose of the Fabuluxe platform is to help women feel fabulous and sophisticated. What advice or words of encouragement that you can give to our readers about feeling fabulous as a woman?
I would say to just remember that beauty shines from within. If you have a great heart your beauty will shine out and within. This will make you feel fabulous and look fabulous. That is what is most important. Stay beautiful!
Social Media: 
Instagram: beautybycarla
Twitter: beautybycarlaaa
Snapchat: beautybycarla
Country: United States

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