Meet Megan Milan on how she built her platform through modeling! 

What inspired you to become a model?

I've wanted to be a model since before I could even remember. I grew up looking at models such as Adriana Lima and Tyra Banks.


Why is fashion is important to you?

Fashion isn't important to me because it's creative expression. I'm all about expressing yourself, for yourself, and fashion is one of my favorite ways to do it.

Explain your journey that got you to this current point in your life.

I've done a lot in my life to get me to the point I am at now and I'm no where near finished. I went to college and after 2 years, I couldn't afford it anymore so I moved to NYC by myself with nothing, and created a career for myself. One of the best and hardest times of my life.

What are some advice that you can give to women who are following your path?

My advice to women who are following a similar path as me would be to always educate yourself before you act. Be true to yourself and only do what you feel is right.

You are getting ready to release your new business known as Luxury Lip. What will you be selling? When will it be release? Inform our readers more about your business.

I've created my own lip line recently called Luxury Lip. Throughout social media, I'm known for my bold and signature lipsticks. So I decided to create my own since it's something I'm passionate about. It is to release in a few months, I'm just perfecting it! I'm very particular about what I present to my supporters.

You have booked a few gigs with Trey Songz, swim ads, and many more endorsement deals? What is your ultimate goal in participating in these gigs?

I think my ultimate goal is just to continuously work and build my brand doing what I love.

You are also an actress as well! How did it begin? What is the hardest and the most exciting thing about acting?

I began acting about a year ago. I received a feature in Jet Magazine where I was described as an actress instead of a model. At first I was confused and a little offended but as I always say, "everything happens for a reason". It began to open up doors for me that I've never thought of opening and ultimately expanded my brand not only as a model, but an actress as well! 

What is the hardest and the most exciting thing about modeling?

The hardest thing about modeling is definitely the uncertainty, but there are so many benefits that outweigh that. Being a model is a lifestyle and it comes with many perks. 

Why do you believe that Women’s Empowerment is important?

I believe Women's Empowerment is very important, especially in the industry I'm in. A lot of times women don't get a voice or a say so in many things so I believe it's important to speak up and uplift one another at all times. As women, we deal with so much in everyday life. We have to support one another in our many endeavors.

What are some future goals that you have for yourself?

I set new goals for myself as often as I can. I try not to speak on them and just do them. Let your goal reveal themselves!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

I'm the next 5-10 years I see myself happy and successful. I see myself continuing to set and accomplish goals.

The purpose of the Fabuluxe platform is to help women feel fabulous and sophisticated. What advice or words of encouragement that you can give to our readers about feeling fabulous as a woman?

I believe feeling fabulous is very important as a woman. Not for others, but for yourself. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good!

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