Soft Thorns

Meet Bridgett Devoue. She has written the book Soft Thorns based on love, heartbreaks, freedom, hope, and more. 
What inspired you to begin the Soft Thorns? What is the true meaning behind it?
Soft Thorns was written as I was experiencing a lot of hardships all at once. I used writing as a way to deal with the difficulties I was facing, and when I started to overcome these obstacles, I realized how much stronger I had become due to facing these challenges head on and not running away from my emotions. I was a better person because even though I got broken down, I was able to build an even stronger foundation than before. I wanted to share this message with as many people as I could, to use the difficult times to inspire you rather than let you down, and so, Soft Thorns was born.
What does Soft Thorns means to you?
Soft Thorns is named after my poem “In time, even the sharpest thorns will become soft.” That all hardships will eventually become something that can empower you rather than work against you.
Your book is based on love, freedom, heartbreak, hope, and so many more amazing topics. Were there any breakthroughs that you have experienced that other women can relate to? If so, what is one situation that you have experienced that has shifted your life. How did you overcome it? What advice would you give to other women who is experiencing a similar situation?
One situation that a lot of women an relate to is having your heart broken. It was an incredibly hard experience, as so many doubts and insecurities surround you when someone leaves your life with no explanation. However, I learned to look at these moments as “training”. It teaches you how to be strong, how to love yourself, how to never let someone break you down. Don’t run from these emotions… embrace them. Feel them fully and let them flow through you, so you can gain as much wisdom as possible from these experiences. And when the fog clears… and it will… you will be amazed how much you grew. When you learn to not be fearful of uncomfortable emotions, and rather use them as a tool to empower yourself, nothing can break you down.Its incredibly powerful, and every woman can do it. 

What are some future goals that you have for yourself and for your book?
My book is being republished this fall under a publisher, and will be available worldwide in bookstores. It has a foreword and new poems in it, so I’m extremely excited to share this second version of my book with all my readers. For future goals, I would love to do a book store, give lectures, meet my readers in person, and continue to connect with those that connect with my words.

Where do you see yourself and your book in the next 5-10 years?
I always want to be creating content online, because I believe in the power of the internet. I want to move into video content, and continue writing and producing art in as many forms of media that inspire me, and get the opportunity to share it for free online. I hope to be traveling the world and seeing things that I could never have dreamed existed on the planet. I want to wake up everyday inspired to inspire others.

The purpose of the Fabuluxe platform is to help women feel fabulous and sophisticated. What advice or words of encouragement that you can give to our readers about feeling fabulous as a woman?
Never let anyone put you into a box. You are your own unique woman, and as women, we are naturally multifaceted. If you love to dress up and wear makeup and play videos games and go boxing, be all those things. Don’t let society tell you “you look like this, therefore you are this.” Never let your light dulled for others, because the world needs yours to shine.
Social Media: Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest @bridgettdevoue
Country: USA

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