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How To Wear A Fedora And Where To Wear It

Who wears a fedora hat? Fedora hats are for men and women. They are meant to complete your outfit and create a classy statement in...

How to Measure Yourself

Measuring yourself is sooooooo important. Why? Because we have so many designers and manufacturers who have their own size guideline. Wouldn't it just be great if everyone went by the same guideline?!? I would love for that...

How to Determine Your Body Type and Dress for Your Body Shape

Every woman’s body is different. Your body has its own unique shape and that’s what creates you. Your shape is what makes you beautiful. Your body is a canvas, and you can dress it up however you like. But...we get it... there are some days, you’re not feeling yourself with what you have on. Your outfit doesn’t give the “look” that you had in mind. Sometimes, you’re going through...